Sales and Exports

Makustore for consumers and companies

At our brewery we have kiosk where you can buy our beers. Store is open on working Fridays from 14:00 till 18:00. Address of the kiosk and brewery is Sarvivälkkeentie 12, 04300 Tuusula. You can get selection of our beer cans, order cans with your own label and also it is possible to get beer kegs and rent beer tap equipment.

How to order Maku Brewing Beers?

Awesome Maku Beers can be available in your home town no matter where it is. Just contact our Sales And Export guy Ville or our trustful distributors!

Sales and Exports:
Ville Makkonen
+358 40 735 0785

Distributors in Finland

Juomatalo Pikkulintu

PM Juomatukku
020 741 5880

Inex Partners
010 76 87 000

010 532 9672