Maku Brewing

What Maku Brewing?

Maku Brewing is a Finnish microbrewery set up in 2014 and located in Tuusula, some 30 km north of Helsinki. We are a group of guys who love a good beer and wanted to make our own mark on exceptional quality craft beer, and from the beginning make it available as widely as possible.

"Maku" means taste in Finnish. We're confident you'll be able to tell why we chose the name.


We brew with a 3000-litre kettle and have six 6000-litre and four 2000-litre tanks. The finished product is either bottled using our own bottling line or kegged for restaurants/bars. 

Maku Brewing
Sarvivälkkeentie 12
E-mail: maku(at)

Wholesalers in Finland

  • Juomatalo Pikkulintu, info(at)
  • PM Juomatukku, 020 741 5880, myynti(at)
  • Inex Partners, 010 76 87 000
  • Kespro, 010 532 9672, Kespro.myynti(at)

Who are we?

Brewer Juhani
Mobilo +358 44 975 7957

The man behind the amazing Maku recipes, Juhani is a certified brewer with a long history of “domestic brewing” prior to Maku. Juhani is a full timer working on everything from new recipes to brewing to operating the forklift.

Maku leader Jussi
Mobile +358 40 721 1996

The man who ensures that we stay focused on our mission, Jussi’s passion for brewing is second to none, guaranteeing that both the consumer and our partners get what they deserve.

Sales & Exports Ville
Mobile +358 40 735 0785

Ville is responsible of Maku exports and and wholesale.

Kauppamies Ari
Puhnro +358 400 437 915

Ari is our hard as nails tradesman, whose responsibilities include not just sales but also Maku's fleet of vans and Maku hoodies/memorabilia. Report a dent in a Maku van at your own peril!

Jack-of-all-trades Jukka
+358 50 531 1403

As the title suggests, Jukka works on everything from procurement to budgeting, with the exception of the forklift, which he is not allowed to operate (anymore).

Maku ambassador Harri
+44 79 1007 7181
Responsible for our international contacts, Harri spreads the word (Maku) beyond the Finnish shores.