Our beers

Only the best of the best remain in our selection. We focus on balanced quality and fresh taste. You know what you get when you choose "a Maku".

Visit us!

Our brewery shop is open on Wednesdays & Fridays from 2-6pm and on Saturdays from 1-4pm! Get the freshest and latest products directly from the brewery!

Sarvivälkkeentie 12 Tuusula


Our team is all about love and passion towards craft beer. We do our very best so that our beers will meet your approval and be easily available. We are about ten individuals who share the same goal: one for all, all for better taste!

Our Founder

Jussi is our Founding Father. His passion towards craft beer got him to gather a group of passionate beer lovers around him as he had learned that great things shouldn’t be achieved alone. Now Jussi is living his dream and everyday choosing what he wants to do with beer. Our happy leader is known for his ageless looks, positive attitude and his tireless search for the best pint.

Our Working Class Hero

We call humble Topi our working class hero. In reality him and our Head Brewer Juhani are the souls of Maku beers as they create all our recipes and craft our unique products. Topi’s uncompromised attitude and positivity keeps the younger folks fresh and at their best. Just the chance to listen to Topi part with wisdom keeps our trainees shoveling that mash!


We realize that making a great beer is only one side of the coin. Our beers also need to be widely available for our thirsty friends. So please meet our sales team who are in charge of distribution together with our partners.