Our Beers

Maku beers are handcrafted, balanced and true to their nature. The word Maku means taste or flavour, and it explains what’s most important to us. We’ve named our selection based on the beer style and we always want to develop beers to be as great as they can be. It’s always a statement of the style in question. And about maximising “Maku”!

We craft our beers precisely and with passion. We are not followers. We build our own culture in Finland with a clear vision and deep know-how. We are a modern craft brewery that brews world-class premium beers for people who are willing to explore new brews and the world of great tastes.

The high technical quality of Maku brews comes from our uncompromising culture of work: all our recipes are honed with one thing in mind, the taste – other aspects come second. We end up with a combination of respecting tradition and candid development of our own style. Clean Finnish water and fresh ingredients give us a great foundation to build on.

We founded Maku Brewing because we love beer. We primarily craft beers we enjoy ourselves. Our favourites are hoppy American style IPAs and APAs but we’re not just an IPA brewery. If one would have to put it all in a nutshell our philosophy is “Beer’s gotta have Maku.”

Maku Brewing is for curious beer lovers.